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Manoc Manoc Travel Guide

Boracay Island is filled with so many small tourist places. Each corner of this Island has so much to offer their tourists. That’s why it is not possible to enjoy and see all the attractions in Boracay within one day. You must have at least 5 to 7 days to stay in Boracay hotels to get enjoy the outdoor and indoor activities of this beautiful Island. While there are many places where you stay and enjoy the view of the beaches of Boracay, one of the places which should not be missed is Manoc – Manoc and its beach.

The one thing which makes Manoc Manoc beach more attractive to visit as compare to other Boracay beaches is the range of mountains and the beautiful view which can be a view from there. The one of a side of the beach is filled with palm trees where the other side you can see a complete range of mountain. It is also an ideal place for the photo shot. Especially, if you are looking for a place to take perfect sunsets and sunrise photos then this beach in the whole Island is a perfect place to visit.

Activities to do in Manoc Manoc:

Just like other beaches of Boracay, you enjoy almost all the outdoor activities here in affordable prices which include scuba diving which allow you to explore the beauty of seeing from inside the water. Kite surfing can be also enjoyed at this base by taking very basic training.

If you want to get relief from stress and give your body some relaxation then you can take advantage from the local massages there. They will massage your whole body on the beach by using traditional oils other than expensive beauty creams and lubrications.

There are also some local shops from where you can purchase the street food of Philippines including seafood. If you are looking for fine dining then you may need to walk a bit to reach a good restaurant for eating. Most of restaurants and eating places offer you Asian cousin but you can also found other restaurants easily where you can eat European food as well.

Other than water sports activities, there is also a very big golf course available for guests where they can play golf and chit chat with other tourists and spend a nice evening by making new friends.

Manoc Manoc Boracay hotels:

Few years ago, there were very few resorts and hotels were there but due to increase in Manoc Manoc population, the companies are investing there. Now, you can easily book a room in hotel or book whole cottage to stay with family for few days. Due to high competition between hotels, the prices of hotel rooms are not very high. There are also very cheap resorts are available where you can book your room as low as only $15 per night.

Most of the hotels and resorts are located on the beach, so you do not need to be worried about to reach the beach from the hotel. It may take only a few second walks to get there or if your hotel is located on the beach, then you can enjoy the calm environment in evening.

How to reach Manoc Manoc Boracay?

Station 1 is the part of this area of Boracay. Once you reached the station, you would be already standing in Manoc Manoc. To reach the beach of this place, you can walk for few minutes, rent a bike, bicycle or take a taxi to the beach but still, it will take you until there is the solid road is available to drive the car on it. So, the better choice is to reach the resort or hotel at Manoc Manoc beach by feet if you are not having much luggage to carry.

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