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Malay, Aklan

Malay is a popular language which has been spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. But do you know that there is a beach in Boracay Philippines which is named after this language? Many people don’t know about Malay beach because it is not very popular as compare to other beaches in Boracay or known by other different names but this beach has its own beauty to offer to the tourists.

Malay is located inside the Aklan or you can say that it is the part of Aklan. That’s why most of the people recognized this place as Aklan beach or Aklan Island where in reality, Malay beach has its own identity and it is a very prominent area of Aklan. Reaching to other popular beaches of Island is very easy from Malay because it connects many of them including White beach.

Malay Aklan is also considered as the separate part from the Boracay Philippines due to its political values. The place has its own international Airport as well. As compare to other beaches of Island, Malay Aklan this town has so many schools hospitals and bus station due to the population of locals. One of the reason due to which this place has been ignored is the low rate of tourists to visit here because the island has its own population of more than 50,000 thousand.

How to reach Malay, Aklan?

Malay has its own international airport. Reaching there from any part of the world is not difficult. The name of the airport is Godofredo P. Ramos Airport but it is also known as Caticlan Airport. Indeed it is an international airport but due to its small size, only one small aircraft is allowed to take off or land at a time on its runway. The government is already working n the expansion of this airport so that big aircraft can also land there.

You can also reach there by the port if you are traveling from other nearby countries. There are also boat stations which allow you to travel from one beach to another beach. As compare to automobiles, the cycles are more common there for transport purpose. This is because of the lack of roads. But it does not mean that you will not found any car there.

Malay for tourists

Malay is not really an ideal place for tourists to visit because of the population. It is more likely a small city which is full of the locals. But if you are planning to explore the beauty of Boracay Philippines then you should consider rent whole house, resort or apartment in Malay which cost you very low as compare to booking hotels in Boracay. You can rent a house from the local in very cheap price. Some of the locals have also listed their property on Airbnb and online classified sites for rent in very cheap monthly price.

As a tourist point of view, you can also enjoy the traditional food of Philippines including street food in Malay. There are markets there for shopping and restaurants for eating.

Throughout the year, the weather in Malay is very pleasant and this is because of a beach. The average temperature of Malay is less than 30C which means that you can travel Malay in any month of the year for tourist purpose. Mostly people travel here in the last and starting months of the year because it is very pleasant weather in these months which allow you to try outdoor activities like swimming on the beach, diving in the deep sea and kite surfing. But to do all these activities you need to take few minutes’ walk to reach other beaches.


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