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Affordable places to stay in Balabag

Booking hotels in Boracay could be expensive because Boracay Philippines is one of the most visited places by tourists from all around the world. But it does not mean that you cannot stay at a comfortable resort, hotel, and villa. If you cannot afford a room in Boracay hotels, then you can go with other options like hotels and resorts which are cheaper than as compare to hotels.

In the hostel, you may need to share the room with other tourists (which are an exciting activity by itself if you like to meet new people and make them friends.) But some of the hostels also offer you private rooms to stay.  Resorts in Balabag are not expensive either, so if you did not found a bed in the hostel then you may always choose a resort for staying there.

It could be the bit difficult for a new tourist who is visiting Balabag for the very first time to finding a hostel or resort where he can stay in reasonable price. To ease this problem, we are sharing the list of cheap hostel and resorts which are located in Balabag.

MNL Boracay Beach Hostel

MNL Boracay Beach Hostel

Don’t worry if you are out of the budget and still want to see the attractions in Boracay and spend quality time in Boracay Philippines because this Boracay Beach Hostel is designed for all types of tourists. You can book the whole room there or just a single or twin bed in as low as only $5. It is hard to found any other cheap place to stay in Balabag in this price. The hostel is full with all the facilities which you need to have to make your stay comfortable in Balabag. The facilities include free internet connection, free towels for bathing, hot beverages, free maps, meals, breakfast, lounge area with TV and much more. The hostel is located near the bus and train station as well, which means that you can see other Boracay attractions by going through bus or train.

WaterColors Resort

WaterColors Resort

It is a mid-range resort which offers you 5-star hotel facilities. Other than just providing a place to stay there, the resort offers you many other activities to do including diving and exploring the beauty of the town with the help of their guide. There are all types of rooms and suites are available to rent there. The lowest room rent start’s from only $20 per night where you can go for luxury suites or deluxe rooms as well. Massage center, spa services, bar, swimming pool, restaurant and much more are available at the resort. You can also enjoy the traditional food in their restaurant or the food from other continents etc. The resort is located on one of the beaches in Boracay which means that you do not need to travel far to enjoy and see the attractions in Boracay.

Boracay Cottage Island Resort

Boracay Cottage Island Resort

It is located on station 1. The checking time of this resort is 2 PM. The interior of the place is inspired by traditional Filipino design where the furniture is made with bamboo etc. This place is surrounded by the trees and gives the feeling of the forest. The beach from this place is a bit far away but it can be easily reached there in a cab. The place may look like old and very traditional but this resort if filled with all the modern facilities for the tourist including internet, massage and spa services etc. The place gives a very peaceful feeling to tourists in an evening when they come to the resort after doing outdoor activities, seeing the Boracay attractions and beaches in Boracay etc. It is a mid-range resort, so do not worry about the budget.


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