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The Sleepless Island of Boracay

Boracay is an active island 24/7, anytime of the day there’s always something going on here. During the day, visitors will be concentrated on many beaches scattered around the island, especially the White Beach, which is the most popular beach in Boracay. These people will have fun doing all kinds of activities on the beach, whether just relaxing or take part in some challenging watersports. But the fun doesn’t just stop after sunset, because when the night comes, this island becomes even more alive with a lot of girlie bars in Boracay offering the exciting nightlife adventure for you.If you’re the kind of guy who loves cute Asian girls in bikinis, Boracay is your paradise. Not only Filipino girls, here you can also hook up with Korean, Japanese and Chinese girls who visit Boracay in their vacation. This island might be a popular honeymoon destination, but Boracay is always full of single young people looking to have fun on the beach, and of course to enjoy the famous Boracay nightlife.

Nightlife in Boracay actually is not all about girlie bars, there are also a lot of great restaurants, eateries, and also cafes with live music. These establishments mostly can be found around the White Beach area. But if you’re up for wilder parties, then there are lots of girlie bars around the island with beautiful girls ready to entertain you. Here are some of the hottest bars in Boracay that you can visit:



This is one of the most popular dance clubs on the island and also a great spot to pick up girls. This place is famous for its 15 shots challenge that gives you the opportunity to engrave your name on the wall if you’re still standing after finishing the shots. Happy hour in this club is from 7.30 to 9.30 pm and it stays open until 3 am.

Club Summer Place

Located in the Section 2 of White Beach, Club Summer Place is a great place to experience a wild party until the early morning hours. It has plenty of seating inside and outside the club. There are two dance floors in this club with a bar that extends almost through the whole location. There is no entrance fee before midnight, but this place is usually become very much alive after about 1 am.


During the day, this place is a restaurant, but after late evening, EPIC will transform into a great discotheque with a fantastic sound system. This club is located at the White Beach near the D’Mall entrance.


Club Paraw

Across the Cocomangas, you’ll see Club Paraw that’s always full of pretty girls. This club has two dance floors, one with a wooden surface and the other has a sand floor. It also has two levels, with a VIP area located in the upper level.

Juice Bar

This bar is located just a short walk away from Club Summer Place. It has a more relaxing atmosphere compared to the other clubs. You can relax on floor cushions or meet up with girls on the dance floor.

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