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Things to do at White Beach

White beach is one of the popular beaches of Boracay Philippines. It has been called white because of the color of its sand. For tourists, this place has numerous activities to do but some of them should not be missed while you traveling there.

Mermaid Swimming Academy

It could be your dream to see mermaid for real. This place is designed to make your dream come true but you will not see any mermaid here except you will be dressed like one. This academy offers you course to swim deep inside the sea while wearing mermaid costume. There is no age limit to fulfill the desire in this academy. Men, women and kids, everyone can join their course, learn how to swimming while wearing mermaid costume and get pictures by the photographer while you are swimming inside the sea. This is one of the few experiences you can have once in a life, so don’t miss to enjoy this activity while you are staying at White Beach. You can easily found the academy once you reached there.

Freedive Boracay

Beaches in Boracay offers you many activities to do, one of the is free diving which you can enjoy in most of the Boracay beaches. Due to a lot of tourists, sometimes it could be difficult to your number for the diving. So, if you did not enjoy free diving yet, then consider doing this activity at White beach. Like other beaches in Boracay, this beach also has its own beauty to show to the divers. You can also take pictures there inside the water. There is full training has been given to the newbie before they actually jump into the sea for diving. The cost of this activity is not very expensive at all. The Freedive club is located on White beach, so you don’t need to struggle a lot to find this place.

Adventure Boracay Explorer

Nothing more interesting than having the party with friends, family or stranger in the mid of sea on the boat while seeing the attractions in Boracay. You probably hear about the party on the boat, but usually, these parties are hard to join due to expensive tickets. So, if you want to enjoy the party on the board then do it at White beach. The ticket of this party includes all expenses including drinks and food. You can enjoy live music, dance and make new friends in the boat. In short, you can enjoy the nightlife of Boracay Philippines in the day before the evening. The trip ends before the sun sets, so it is a safe activity to do there.

Massage by Abe

If you travel Boracay beaches and did not get massaged by Abe, then you actually wasted your whole trip. This is different massage then what you get in Boracay hotels. It is traditional massage which has been offered by local on the White beach which you can enjoy while sitting on the chair or on the sand of the beach. This massage is an old traditional way to relax the body. The Abe’s skill of massaging body is wonderful. He makes your body and brain relaxed within few minutes of effort. In this massage different traditional oils of Philippines has been used which did not just release the tension from the body but makes your skin soft after the shower.

Club Paraw

Tasty food, the verity of drink, dance, music and making new friends, Club Paraw is famous for all these things. After seeing Boracay attractions at White beach, nothing could be better than spending your night at Club Paraw to give your brain some relax. This nightclub has all those things which you want to make your night memorable.

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