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Santa Fe Boracay – Travel Guide

The Philippines has so many tourist attractions. As compare to trade and business trips, most of the people traveling to the Philippines for the purpose of tourism. There are so many Islands of different sizes exist there were some of their Island also called the heave of beaches like Boracay Philippines. But still, there are many other places which are not recognized enough for tourist spot in the Philippines. This is due to lack of marketing by the local government or tourists did not search for places to visit before they reached to the Philippines for the tourism purpose.

While there are so many attractions in Boracay to see and beaches in Boracay there is also a municipality near to Boracay which is called Santa Fe. It is not really near to Boracay but somehow, tourists who visit Boracay also prefer to visit Santa Fe due to its attraction. It is located on another Island called Bantayan Island, which means that you need to book your ticket in a ferry to reach there.

How to reach there?

Bantayan has its own airport called Bantayan Airport. You can come to Santa Fe by plane but this is not an international airport (expected to be international airport soon) which means that you need to take a domestic flight to reach there. There are not any scheduled flights for Santa Fe there. Usually, the airline offer services in a limited number of a month when there is the flow of tourists from different countries.

You can also reach there by road if you are already reached to any part of Bantayan Island; if not then you can choose ferry services from Hagnaya. This ferry can be also used further to reach to Boracay Philippines to explore Boracay attractions and Boracay beaches etc. The cost of flights totally depends on the airline and season when you choose to visit Santa Fe but the price of a ferry is no more than 1800 pesos.

This to do:

There are limited things to do in Santa Fe but these limited attractions and activities are enough to make your trip to Santa Fe memorable for you.

Skydive Greater Cebu

To do this activity you need to travel to Cebu Island. This is not much far away from Santa Fe. It is one of the only certified skydiving locations in the country. The team is expert to handle you in the air while they will train you perfectly before you actually skydive. It cost about 18000 php for one route in which you will get you skydive certificate, videos, and photos etc. If you are coming there in group of four and six, then you can avail discount which lowers your price to 15000 php only.

Marikaban Beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the country due to the long natural bay with crystal water of the sea and white sand. There are not many activities to do there except relaxing under the cool weather. You will found fisherman there from whom, you can purchase the fresh fish and cook by your own. You can plan to do several activities of your own before reaching to Marikaban beach which includes BBQ, fishing, swimming, picnic and relaxing etc. This is also an ideal place for a couple to spend quality time as there are not many people there and you can have complete privacy.

Dalton Pass Shrine

This Shrine has been made in the memories of the soldier died in the war. This is the highest point of the Dalton pass from where you can get a big view of the near forest and other mountains.  There is also a track to reach the top. It is a safe track and people of all ages can reach at the top of the mountain easily. There are some tuck shops also there to enjoy coffee and relax while having a view of the whole island.

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