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What to see in San Jose

Philippine is one of the most visited tourist destination in Asian countries and this is because of Boracay Philippines which is known for its beaches and other attractions. But this does not mean that you do not have much to do in another part of Philippines. Once you have done seeing the attractions in Boracay and Boracay beaches. You can spend the time to explore the other beautiful beaches and Islands of the Philippines like San Jose.

San Jose is not much far away from Boracay. Some people who book hotels in Boracay also like to spend their time in San Jose during the day time. You can reach there by ferry services or in the boats of local in much cheaper fare. There are several things to see and do there which includes the following:

Inasakan Beach

Inasakan Beach

You can reach to this beach by boat. It takes about 2 hours to reach there and cost 4000 php but trust me; the beach’s beauty has worth to spend that much money and time to travel. On online websites, some people have called this beach better than Boracay beaches due to its beauty and natural environment. It is a less crowded beach with white sand. As compare to the nearest beaches, you will found this beach more peaceful and more relaxing. The water of this beach is very clear which allow you to dip inside and explore the beauty of the sea. This is also an ideal place for camping, cooking and spending the night there under the clear sky.

Aroma Beach

This is one of the many forgotten attraction of Philippines due to the popularity of Boracay attractions and Boracay beaches. There has been a lot of commercial construction has been taking place there due to which it is not really a very clean beach but the water of this beach is still crystal clear. People visit here to see the beautiful view of the sun setting in the evening. It is a safe place for camping in the night as well. There are also few resorts to stay which can be booked for the family on the weekends to spend quality time there. The resorts are serving high-quality services including quality food, high-speed internet, bar and much more.

Ilin Island

Ilin Island

You need to travel about 1-2 hours from San Jose to reach at this Island also, the weather is an important point to consider while you are calculating the total travel time. This place has mountain, forest, and beach at the same place which is not very usually to see in Asian countries. Except enjoying the nature at this Island, there is nothing much to do. But there is a spiritual healing church there. If you are looking for a peaceful and quite place for camping, then you may consider choosing this island. The population of this Island is very poor so consider to get annoyed by the local asking for the money.

Grace Island

Grace Island

This Island is located quite far from the San Jose. You need to take the ride of 2 hours in boat or ship from San Jose to reach there, but the time and money will worth because it is a wonderful and peaceful beach to spend quality time there. There are many travel companies in San Jose who are offering two-way trips to Grace Island due to its popularity among tourists. Just a few years ago, it was hard to found a resort there to stay but due to its popularity, many new resorts are being constructed there while there are enough to well the tourists. You can spend your weekend there with family by booking a room at a resort near the beach.

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