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Travel guide to Pandan

Panay Island has been divided into four different provisions (Alkan, Iloilo, Capiz and Antique). All of these provisions are famous for each of their attractions but mostly people visit Panay Island from Boracay which is known as one of the best places in the world with most beautiful beaches. Due to the attractions in Boracay, other provinces of Panay Island are also getting tourists from all around the world.

Pandan is the district located in Antique province. This district or town is famous for its own attractions, that’s why people who travel to Boracay Philippines to see the beaches in Boracay and Boracay attractions also like to spend their time in Pandan. But as compare to Boracay, there are not many attractions to see in Pandan because of the local population.

If you compare Boracay with Pandan, then you will found that the Boracay district is wholly created for the tourists due to number hotels in Boracay and this town has very few school and hospitals for locals due to the low population where on another hand, the Pandan is full with the local population. There are also very limited resorts available for tourists in Pandan. But this does not mean that this place has nothing to offer to the tourists. There are still some places in Pandan where you can go and spend quality time.

Rosepoint Beach:

This beach is located in Brgy at the edge of the river near the Pandan Bay. It is rear to see that a river mixing within the sea but you can see that scene by going to Rosepoint Beach. This beach is not among one of the Boracay beaches but if you went there, then you would realize that this beach is beautiful as much as the beaches in Boracay. There is also some resort for those people who want to stay there. The renting price is cheaper there as compare to the Boracay hotels.

Dioso Memorial Public Library:

This library is not much old but has so much to offer to the readers. It is not really a place for tourists but if you are the one who is looking for some good books to read then this place is no less than heaven of knowledge for you. According to the National Library of the country, they ranked it one of the most popular and biggest libraries of the Philippines. The books in this library have been donated by the people of the town. So, you would see the collection of mixed books there. There is also a room for children where you can leave your children and enjoy the reading in a peaceful environment.

Tugbong Festival:

This is one of the view annual festivals of the Philippines which held from 21st April to 25th April. This festival also includes many mini events where you can see many things including dancing on the road, live music, boat competition and much more. The purpose of this festival is to honor Saint Vincent Ferrer. There are also sports tournaments to place in this festival including Dalmacio Marathon. Although, every year a Miss Teen Pandan is also selected in this festival who later qualify for national level competitions.

Duyong Golden Beach:

The white sand of this beach makes is unique and popular tourist attraction. The view at the beach itself is beautiful because there is the series of mountains started from there where on the east you can also get the view of Batbatan Island. There is also the setup of setting where you can sit and take the warm sun bath under the shades of the palm tree.

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