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Nabas – What to do there?

Nabas is the capital city of Aklan province which is located at Panay Island. This is one of the main city which you can use to enter the paradise of Boracay beaches which is only few KM away from there. Nabas itself is not very famous for the tourist attractions because there is not much to see as compare to the attractions in Boracay but still, if you are coming to Boracay through Nabas route, then you should consider spending at least one day or few hours on exploring the city. Especially, you can purchase food and drink in bulk from Nabas for your vacation Boracay hotels because you will get them from here at much cheaper rates.

Nabas route for Boracay is also considered one of the easiest routes to reach there because it is linked with the Kalibo international airport where you can get a direct cab to the Nabas and Boracay.

How to reach there?

The International airport of Kalibo can be used to get in the Kalibo city through any part of the world. But all of the flights which come to this airport have connected flight from nearest Asian countries like Thailand, China, Malaysia and Hong Kong etc. The Kalibo city is about 50 KM away from this airport, so you need to travel in a local bus to reach there. You can also private car or cab but these may be bit costly as compare to traveling in public transport. If you have booked a hotel in Nabas, then you can also check whether they are offering pick and drop services from Nabas airport or not.

Places to see:

As mentioned before, this place is not very famous for the tourist point of view, but if you are traveling to Boracay Philippines in the month of May, then you should consider attending the Nabas Bariw Festival which has been celebrating from 12 to 15 May of each year.

The main highlight of this festival is the showcase of creative handmade products like bags, carpets, hats and mats etc which has been made from bariw leaves. The locals came from another part of the Aklan province to sell these products. Another highlight of this festival is the dance show on the road in which the local perform traditional dance of Philippines in traditional dresses.

By attending this festival, you will also get the chance to eat the traditional food of the province and enjoy alcohol in cheap price. While this festival has been celebrated on the feast day of Isidore who is known as a saint there but the main reason behind the organizing this festival is to promote the local cottage industry of the Aklan.

There are also two very beautiful and popular seascapes are there to visit which named as Unicon and Gibon. These are beautiful seascape to spend quality time there. But, there are not many activities to do other than taking pictures and spend some quite time with the Mother Nature.

Nabas also has the longest cave system in the whole country. You won’t even found such type of deep cave in Boracay Philippines. These longest caves are called Basang cave. According to the stats, it is longer than 8 KM and yet not fully explored by anyone. So, before or after seeing Boracay attractions, consider exploring this deep cave of Nabas if you love adventure.

When to travel?

The average temperature of this city is maximum 30 C and minimum 24 C which makes it 12 months place to visit. But ideally, December to June are the best months to travel because the temperature is lowest in these months.

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