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Kalibo – Complete travel guide

Kalibo is located in the Philippines. It is a capital city of Aklan. The city is rich with the Filipino culture but today it is mostly known for Boracay Philippines among tourists because if you want to see the beautiful beaches in Boracay and want to explore this Island then you need to first land in Kalibo by plane or other means of transport. As compare to Boracay hotels, there are very limited hotels in Kalibo this is because tourists do not really stay in this city for long due to limited activities to do.

The city has its own importance because of the international Airport where its link you with so many beaches and Islands of Philippines. So, if you want to see Boracay attractions and want to explore the beauty of this Boracay Philippines, then you must know about this city.

How to reach Kalibo?

There are a number of different ways through which you can reach to Kalibo to see the attractions in Boracay.

By Plane: There is one international airport which allows you to travel from any part of the world but you need to take the connective flight to Kalibo from countries like China, South Korea, and Songhai etc. A number of air companies operates directly from Kalibo Airport and regularly fly to Kalibo. The Kalibo Airport is an international airport but there are very limited flights landed due to a small runway. The government of Philippines is already working on the expedition of this airport due to a high demand of tourists from all around the world.

By Bus and Van: You can also reach to Kalibo by van. It cost only 500-600 pesos per person to get a seat in a van from Caticlan. It took approximately 2 and 3 hours to reach there from Caticlan. There are all types of vans and busses came from there including air condition vans etc.

By Jeepney: It is one of the traditional transport services of Philippines which charge only 100 pesos to bring you Kalibo from Caticlan but it is not air conditioned. By traveling through this mean of transport, you may get the chance to get familiar with Boracay attractions and meet with other tourists as well.

Boracay attractions in Kalibo:

For tourists, Kalibo has very limited attractions to see in this part of Boracay. But once you reached there, then you get access to many other attractions of this beautiful Island which is also known as the paradise of beaches. At Kalibo, you can explore the deep forest which is called Kalibo Mangrove. The forest does not just offer you an adventurous track for walking but now there has been outdoor dining area have been opened by the locals. You can do numerous outdoor activities near the river which is part of this forest. These activities include bamboo rafting and kayaking etc. This forest is only 10 KM away from the airport.

If you want to purchase something traditional and something very “Kalibo” then you can purchase the popular silk of this area which is called Pina weaving. It is a silk which is made from the pineapple’s tree. You may not found it anywhere around the world except Kalibo. Also, there is town’s museum where you can see the sight of rich heritage culture of this town.

There is one festival took place there on Aklan day which is called Anti-antihan festival. If you are lucky and travel there during the festival day then you got the chance to taste different dishes of Aklan there which includes different types of seafood, traditional BBQ, grilled port, and beef etc. Although, cheap is very alcohol in this town as compare to another part of Philippines. So, you can also purchase it in bulk from here to drink it throughout your tour to the Boracay Philippines.

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