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Kalibo International Airport

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Kalibo International Airport

If you want to travel Boracay Philippines and want to see the attractions in Boracay then you must know about Kalibo International Airport because this is the one of two international airport which is near to the Boracay and allow you to see the beautiful beaches in Boracay and explore the beauty of this island which is chained with so many small and medium size of beaches.

This airport got popularity among tourists in 2008 when the government of Philippines has spent millions on the construction of the new international terminal. This terminal has increased the number of more passing to land by 500% which was a huge success for the government and airlines that were operating from there. Due to its success, the government has to spend further 50 million on the explanation of the airport in which they have extended the length of the runway to 2600 meters.

This airport is located only 2 KM or 1.1 miles away from the capital of Aklan, Kalibo and only 70 KM away from Caticlan port.

Due to the high demand of the tourists from all around the world, the government of Philippines is spending millions on the explanation of Kalibo International Airport. According to the local newspaper of Philippines, it is the faster-growing airport of the whole country which has been expanded more than 50% in just past 5 years.

Kalibo International Airport may not be very big as compare to other international airports of Philippines but still, the civil authority of Philippines has classified this airport international due to its important. There are international flights come from limited countries on this airport on regular basis. The international destinations from where you can reach to Kalibo International Airport or you can travel from this airport mainly included the Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan and Hong Kong etc. So, if you are traveling there from any other part of the world, then you would probably get a connected flight from these countries.

There are total 11 airlines that operates from Kalibo International Airport which includes West Air, AirAsia, Tigerair, Cebua Pacific, SilkAit, China Airlines, Philippines AirAsia and Philippines Airlines etc. Some of these airlines have recently started their operations from Kalibo International Airport so it could be hard to get your seat reserved there due to a limited number of seats and flights. Although, if you did not get a seat in any of the flight which takes you to the Kalibo International Airport, then you can always consider to land to the other international airport of Philippines and takes a seat from there to Kalibo International Airport.

There are many other international flights specifically from neighbor countries of Philippines are also planning to start their services from Kalibo International Airport due to high demands of tourists. So, keep yourself update with the news from this airport and check before traveling here, you may get a cheaper flight from your own country to Kalibo International Airport.

The connected towns and cities like Aklan, Caticlan and Boracay Philippines offer a number of different ways to reach this international airport or travel to these place from the airport. You can take van, bus, cab or a book a seat in jeepney from Kalibo International Airport to different destination of Boracay in very affordable rates. Booking the whole cab or rent a car can cost you a bit high but this could be the most comfortable transport to take you from Kalibo International Airport to Kalibo or Boracay etc.

Jeepney could be also an excellent choice of transport to travel to different part of the Island from airport because it will allow you to explore different attraction in Boracay and allow you to make new friends on the bus.

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