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Top 10 places to stay in Balinghai Beach

If you did not found a good place to stay among all the hotels in Boracay then consider our suggestion from the Balinghai Island and its beach:

1. Boracay Grand Vista Resort & Spa

It is a medium range hotel which is located on the Balinghai Beach. It took you only 5 minutes walk to reach the beach which is actually the distance between hotel rooms to the hotel gate. The booking price starts from $92 per night. This hotel has all the modern amenities for the comfort of the guests.

Boracay Grand Vista Resort&Spa

2. Nami Resort, Boracay Island

It is located on the small hill of the beach. Seeing attractions in Boracay could be possible from the top of the hotel. You can also have access to other beaches in Boracay due to the prime location of the hotel. The booking in this hotel start’s from $170 per night. This hotel also offers spa and massage services.

Nami Resort, Boracay Island

3. Boracay West Cove

This hotel is located in very deep man made the forest of the Balinghai beach. The hotel’s interior is inspired by the cave system of Boracay Philippines which is very satisfying to see. The booking of room in this hotel start’s from $100 per night. This hotel also has its own restaurant to serve food to guests.

Boracay West Cove

4. TFE Beach Resort

It is one of the cheapest resorts located in Balabag, Boracay Island. The booking of the room start’s from $30 per night. The resort does not have much amenities but going to see Boracay attractions from this resort is very easy because it is located in between famous Boracay beaches.

TFE Beach Resort


5. Caipirinha Villa

This is one of the most expensive villas in the whole Balinghai Beach or maybe Whole Island. The booking for the room start’s from $900 per night. Expect 7 start services from the staff of this hotel. It is located on the beach. Reaching to all boat stations from this villa is very easy. The hotel has restaurant, bar and spa services.

Caipirinha Villa

6. Balinghai Beach Resort

This is a very traditional resort at Balinghai Beach which is famous for its unique interior. It is one of few resorts which are located next to the beach. The booking of room in this resort stat’s from $78 per night. It has all the amenities to provide full comfort to the guest where reaching to boat stations from this resort takes few minutes’ walk only.

Balinghai Beach Resort

7. Argonauta Boracay Boutique Hotel

This is a typical Asian style hotel which is located on the beach. Access to other popular beaches from this hotel is very easy. This resort is also connected with Yapak beach where you can go do outdoor activities with friends. The price of staying in this hotel for one night start’s from $175.

Argonauta Boracay Boutique Hotel

8. One Hagdan Villas

It is another expensive Villa in the Balinghai Island where the per night stay cost start’s from $350. The interior of this villa is inspired by European style. The villa has its own private swimming pool and bar at the sight.

One Hagdan Villas

9. Austrian Sunset Apartment

It took you few minutes’ walk to reach at Balinghai Beach from this place. You can book the whole apartment in $78 per night only. It is an affordable solution for those who come to visit attractions in Boracay as family or group of the friends.

10. Mika’s Beach Resort

The booking of room in this resort start’s from $30 only which makes it one of the cheapest place to stay while you travel to Balinghai Beach. This resort is located on the beach where you can stay with comfort and make your trip to Boracay Philippines because you can go and see different attractions of Island easily.

Mika’s Beach Resort


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